Father Mark Brandl

Originally born in Milwaukee, Father Mark moved to Pewaukee in the third grade and graduated from high school.

God called Father Mark to serve in a big way. After missing Mass from college until he was 40 years old, he self-studied and got involved heavily in the life of Good Shepherd in Menomonee falls. Three years later, Father Mich invited him to investigate the priesthood.

Father Mark is inspired by the care of the people and closeness of these communities despite the sick and laid-up people. He is excited to continue his tenure and involvement in the life of this community.

Father Mark loves to play golf and being involved in various charities outside of the church walls. He believes that God’s people are everywhere.

“Jesus established a Church for lifting each other up as communities…to show that faith is a reasonable thing”. He believes that it is in the context of a community that each person brings each other to heaven. The local community brings us together in Christ and is the most integral part of the journey home to God. He believes that we do this together. Nowhere in Scripture does it say to go through this journey alone. God knows we need others to help in the journey.

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